Tell-all Morocco book spills secrets at Chaosium

According to the dark overlords at Chaosium, the hot new ancient evil is about to pounce. Originally done as a Kinkos-style test product (aka “Monograph”), Secrets of Morocco for Call of Cthulhu has started filtering through distribution and should be in stores in a week or two. Now investigators can wander in a strange foreign land, visit Casablanca or Marrakech, even venture into the Sahara desert. (Actually, that last bit sounds extraordinarily dangerous, but hey, who am I to judge?) The book will also include info for use with Pulp Cthulhu, due later this year. Here’s hoping Cthulhu Invictus is the next Monograph to make the leap to a proper CoC supplement – the world needs more Roman Empire horror.

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  1. Great news.
    And congratulations to the author for getting this published a fourth in a different format — Mysteries of Morocco, Casablanca (Mean Streets), the german version of Secrets of Morocco, and now this version.

    Cannot escape the feeling that I am going to be paying for material that I have already got. Again. If I am honest, I feel that I should be sending a Chaosium a photo of me holding the versions of the book that I already have and asking why I should be paying full price for this new book?

    It is of course only a feeling.

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