Fourth Edition GSL revision still “weeks off”

Links to this Gleemax post, by Dungeons & Dragons Senior Brand Manager Scott Rouse, are currently floating all over the web, wherein Rouse asserts that the 4e GSL revision promised a month ago “has not been shelved”. Rouse stated that “The draft is done. The changes are approved and it just needs to get pushed to a final document.” He mentioned that other work will be required before the GSL can be released back into the wild, such as clarifications of the SRD and FAQ, plus a “statement of rejection” form to allow third party publishers to opt out of the license when it gets revised. After mentioning another WotC employee, Licensing Manager Linnae Foster, who would’ve been helping with the GSL had she not been laid off, Rouse ended by saying “this is still weeks off being done.” Someone get a pool going on this – I’ll take the first day of Winter Fantasy.


  1. Thing to keep in mind is, I don’t think WotC wanted to fire anyone. By all accounts that was a Hasbro order. I’m sure there are some grumblings at WotC about losing manpower right in the middle of these 10-ton projects, not to mention losing friends and people you’ve been working with for a while.


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