Ticket to Ride dice expansion coming soon

In an effort to bring customers aboard at even more stations, Days of Wonder has announced plans for Ticket to Ride: The Dice Expansion by Alan Moon. Usable with any of the TTR boardgame sets, the eight custom dice – five Train dice, and three Tunnel dice for certain boards – will replace the Train cards for purposes of completing Destination Tickets. Though TTR: The Dice Expansion isn’t due until October (premiering at Essen), the full rules are available as a PDF for the curious.


  1. Alright. I’m game on this. Alan Moon has earned enough cred with me to not just dismiss this offhand. However, if this thing costs more than $12, I’m crying foul.

  2. 1. Just hope that it is better/more enjoyable than the card game.
    2. Just hope that it is as fun as the Catan dice game.

  3. I read the PDF of the rules, but this still seems like it will turn TTR into a Yahtzee variant.

    I wonder if DOW is trying to move to the mass market. They have given BattleLore away to FFG, are going to pimp european language versions of Wits & Wagers (which can be found in Target in the U.S.), and now will turn TTR into a Yahtzee variant.

  4. I would really like DoW to produce a 6 player (or more) variant of Ticket to Ride. I have friends who want to play, but often I find myself unable to play because the game does not handle more than five players.

  5. I would actually like to to see a six player continent of asia verison of ticket to ride. It could have the orient express theme.

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