Feeding the Talismania

Fans of the mighty fantasy boardgame Talisman will soon get a close look at the first expansion for Fantasy Flight’s revised edition of the game (Fourth Edition, by my count). The new expansion, The Reaper, provides 128 new cards, four new characters, and the Grim Reaper, a neutral piece any player can use to foul up other players. In the Talisman section of FFG’s forums, you’ll find the new expansion’s back cover showing the miniatures and some sample cards. The fan site Talisman Island (which sounds like a reality show I would totally watch) has a few other bits of sample artwork. The set will sell for $24.95, and depending on which site you believe, will be along in either December ’08 or January ’09.

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  1. Given FFGs general tendency to blow any official (or unofficial) release dates, I’m going to say I’m more in favor of June ’09 as a more realistic date 🙂

    Still, they’re usually worth the wait so I’ll be picking this one up for sure. I definitely like the idea of the Reaper as a neutral character although I suspect he’ll be more of a “beat down” mechanic that the other players will target at whoever currently has the most health/best item/etc. (not that thats a bad thing…)

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