FATEsters and IPR-ists present… $3 PDFs of D&D content??

It’s true. A mix of principals from Evil Hat and IPR, plus an all-star cast, is doing a couple lines of PDF material for 4E (I thought we still didn’t get to do that? Shows you what I know). And, uh, the $3 figure is inexact; it’s a good-enough descriptor of the market segment, though, albeit perhaps too suggestive of the half-assed feat dumps and item lists that all too often sit at that price point. One Bad Egg’s PDF product looks to be well-done, well-packaged, and most importantly well-articulated – the hobby has been calling supplements with actual adventure content “modules” from the beginning, but they aren’t actually truly modular very often, unless you share their assumptions about the base world and context. The challenge of overcoming the expectation of this is all about marketing; the WorldSeeds line announces its modular intentions thoroughly enough that it doesn’t even really need to succeed at them 100% (adapting content to your game world isn’t that hard, is it?), although early indications are pretty positive (and ape PCs are cool).


  1. Don’t forget Blue Devil Games. 🙂 It’s not all of IPR’s “principals”, either (Brennan Taylor and others are not involved)

    But thanks for the shout-out, Mike!

  2. Didn’t mean to imply it was everyone; my bad. [edit: edited the actual post to actually be clear. actually.]

    And do you, sir, insinuate that Blue Devil Games could not reasonably be part of an “all-star cast”? I SAID GOOD DAY SIR

  3. Modules used to be modular, back when they provided a location not a story. The name seems to have stuck for some odd reason, kind of like “rolling-up” a character when dice aren’t even used in 4E.

  4. Dice are used in 4E….even to roll characters, believe it or not. It’s just one option now, instead of the only method of getting stats (and the one my players prefer, because they’re all pernicious little gamblers who like to risk a set of low scores in exchange for a couple big ‘uns.)

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