True Dungeon going big, spreading to whole Realm

October 6th, 2008: Allan Sugarbaker says...
True Dungeon going big, spreading to whole Realm

We’ve said all along that the convention event True Dungeon is a cool activity, but that it needs one thing to make it work: big conventions – without the hardcore gamer audience coming out to a convention ready to consume, the company’s profit model would crash. Well, next April, True Dungeon will hold its own convention of sorts, True Realm. Touted as a “gamer theme park that is open only two days a year”, True Realm will transform a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Herrin, Illinois into multiple fantasy dungeons and a medieval city area. Tickets for the event go on sale October 18th, so anyone interested in living the dungeon-delving life for longer than a couple hours at Gen Con should visit the website and get the particulars.


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