Audio Report: Miniatures and fear, sort of

Since it was recorded just a few days before Halloween, the latest episode of the OgreCave Audio Report naturally focuses on – miniatures? Yep, Mike and I muse on the recent D&D Miniatures news, and on the sorts of miniatures games a cross-training gamer should have on hand. Then we put a bow on our Screams from the Cave event with some Halloween-like games, as well as some thoughts on Monty Python Fluxx and 3:16 – Carnage Amongst the Stars. Be sure to have a listen, and tell us what you think of all this nonsense.


  1. Re: starting miniatures game — definitely Heroscape. Heroscape’s basic rules are pretty much throwing dice with some strategy. The advanced game adds a lot of details. Definitely think this is probably my favorite miniatures game to date.

    I never got to play Horrorclix, but it looked well designed for beginners and had an inexpensive two player set.

    Ameritrash games tend to involve high levels of randomness and usually involve lots of dice rolling. I don’t think that I agree that Ameritrash games aren’t fun or good games, they are just games with lots more randomness as compared to most high end Eurogames.

    Re: the first time I played the Haunting House I was excited, because it reminded me of Master Labyrinth. Haunting House wasn’t nearly as good as Master Labyrinth. At least for the two player game, I broke it, winning 3 games out of 3. My opponent was pursuing a dedicated strategy of trying to cross the board to reach the exit. I would go to the nearest empty corner not on the entrance corner and roam in circles there until I could get the exit to pop up next to me and then I’d escape. It seemed to work flawlessly for 2 player play and made me not like the game. I never tried it in multi-player play (3+) and I heard the expansions make it much more playable.

  2. Great show as always, guys!

    FYI: Rackham

    Jean Bey from Rackham Entertainment Just, as in yesterday, got back from getting distribution deals with multiple companies for the US and Canada. All the big names will be there, tell your local FLGS. Product will start flowing again in late November. Two waves of releases are awaiting shipment now.

    And, I think AT-43 and Confrontation are certainly great games for folks who don’t have the time or inclination to paint, but want full-bore mini rules that focus on quick gameplay — right out of the box.

    Here are some links you should check out for more information about the new company:

  3. Good show, guys.

    Regarding your chat about miniatures games: In my opinion, Heroscape is a great game to pick up to fill the miniatures game slot in your collection – especially if you’re not wanting to get deep into miniatures games. The advanced game is quite fun, requires little commitment as far as minis games goes and it’s really easy to introduce to noobs.

    In addition – the components of Heroscape are great to have for use for other games. It’s perfect for a quick throw down of any skirmish game like Warmachine or Hordes. And it’s hex-based, so I’m assuming the scenery would work really well for custom scenarios for the WOW minis game.

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