Voting begins in new gamebook competition

This year, the home of the free online Chronicles of Arborell gamebooks is hosting a competition to encourage new authors. All the entries are in, and readers are now encouraged to take a look and vote for their favorites. The adventures begin here. Take a look, put in your votes, and think about contributing if this rolls around again next year. I’d love to see gamebooks get their own competition as large and interesting as the computer-based Interactive Fiction Competition, which is also in the voting stage at the moment.


  1. Hi Demian. Sorry this is off-topic, but I couln’t find where else to post.

    When are you going to review the NEW Basic Roleplaying (BRP) from Chaosium, published June this year?

    (I could only find your review of the not-so-great-old-one from ’02, which is now massively out-of-date and now might make people think you read the wrong thing…)

    Cheers, Steve W

  2. If anybody cares to send a review copy my way, I’d certainly be more than happy to give the new version another look; I enjoy the system, and it would certainly be nice to see it given the treatment it deserves!

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