Frag going gold in February. No disc involved

File under the Revisit and Upgrade category: Steve Jackson Games is updating one of their older titles, Frag. The updated version, Frag: Gold Edition, due out in February ’09, will boast a two-sided solid gameboard, plastic figures instead of cardstock, dry-erasable character cards, plenty of dice, and lots of fragging, respawning and mayhem for $49.95. We jumped in on the beta of the original version way back in the day, and had some fun with this first person shooter boardgame, so this new incarnation might be worth checking out.


  1. Now if we could just convince them to bring back Deadlands Frag…

    And I’m definitely in for a copy of this (conveniently enough right around tax time…)

  2. Well, we have to wait and see how this upgraded edition performs before we start upgrading any other parts of the line. Obviously, I’m excited to see this coming back with plastic figures and a mounted gameboard, but I can’t just push for us to produce everything right away.

  3. There were pretty big gameplay differences in Frag Deadlands; I remember it being twice the game. (But take that with a grain of salt, because now I can’t find my copy of either.)

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