Scrye magazine shutting down

Collectible card and miniatures players might be interested to know that Scrye magazine, the self-proclaimed “Guide to Collectible Games”, will end its lengthy run with its April 2009 issue. Started in 1993 at the height of the Magic: The Gathering craze, Scrye was mainly known for its CCG price guides, which became the standard for many retailers. Scrye is owned by F&W Media, which shut down another of its publications, Comics & Games Retailer, in late 2007. Two difficult parts of the industry at once – collectible games, and magazines. Is anyone surprised by this announcement?


  1. As James Mishler, former Scrye editor, stated in his blog post about the magazine’s end, the fate of long-languishing news site Gaming Report is still undetermined:

    My only regret is that after we picked up Gaming Report in late 2006, we were never really given the resources to turn it up to 11. Dan Sivils and crew had done an amazing job building the site into the #1 site for gaming news on the Web, and with the support, time, and resources we were given by F+W (i.e., absolutely none), we just were not able to continue on their legacy. I hope that wherever Gaming Report ends up, its new owners are able to do it justice.

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