Goodman Games to publish magazine under GSL

January 31st, 2009: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Goodman Games to publish magazine under GSL

At Dungeons & Dragons Experience this weekend, Goodman Games announced it will start publishing a new magazine in April. Called Level Up, the 32-page publication is the only print magazine that will exclusively present D&D 4e content, all licensed under the GSL. Level Up will provide a wide range of D&D 4th Edition content, including new monsters, character options, an adventure in every issue, and even a “Dear Archmage Abby” column. According to Joseph Goodman, a primary goal of Level Up is to get gamers down to their local retail stores, so for the time being, a subscription plan has not been determined. [UPDATE: subscriptions have been set at $4 per issue, either print or PDF] The quarterly magazine will retail for $1.99 per issue, and Goodman Games hopes take Level Up monthly in the future.


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