Solve-a-crime contest at Pelgrane Press

February 11th, 2009: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Solve-a-crime contest at Pelgrane Press

Gamers who are looking forward to Mutant City Blues – the upcoming GUMSHOE system blend of superhero themes and police drama by Robin Laws – should take note of a new contest announced by Pelgrane Press. The Stir Crazy Killing is a Mutant City Blues contest that asks you to read through the evidence of a reality game show murder, and email your conclusions on who did the foul deed. A correct guess could fetch you up to $150 in Pelgrane Press vouchers, all of Pelgrane’s PDF products, and a signed Trail of Cthulhu leatherbound copy. Even if you don’t win it all, Pelgrane plans to give something to every entrant. Isn’t that worth a little sleuthing work? Clues and entry requirements are linked here – interested parties should keep the March 1st deadline in mind.



  1. Asylos says:

    Thanks for the info. Sounds fun.

    Any word on an upcoming OgreCave Audio Report?

  2. Ah! Thanks for asking. We’re working on multiple backlogged shows now. Just taking a break to type this, actually. 🙂

    We had planned a revamp of the Audio Report section, but that has been delayed, so I’m going ahead and moving the recordings through editing.

  3. Asylos says:

    Good to hear, I miss listening to you guys.

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