Worldwide D&D Game Day this weekend

Wizards of the Coast is all set for Worldwide D&D Game Day 2009 this Saturday, March 21st. The event is timed to promote Player’s Handbook 2, just released today – other Game Day events will accompany the releases of Monster Manual 2 in May and Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 in September. If you’re so inclined, drop by your local D&D Game Day event (find it through the WotC Game Day page) and join in an adventure.


  1. I find it interesting that I can look at WotC’s event finder, and some of the locations will be random gamers’ homes, not stores. Are you running your event through RPGA, or has WotC allowed a wider range of event organizers than I was aware of?

  2. What WotC has done is created the WPN (Wizards Play Network) which uses the RPGA system to sanction the event. They’re allowing it in public spaces (I’m actually running it in the rentable social room of my apartment building with the support of a local store) like libraries and such, but they’ve never really done much to confirm the locations. I actually emailed them last year cause I could prove one of the locations was not a store (and there were only allowing retail locations that year) and they didn’t seem to care. (I didn’t want someone getting free stuff when I couldn’t!) Since the kits are already out, you can actually register the event still but you’ll only get a download of the adventure. The new system is great for people who are already RPGA members and know how to sanction, but was a pain setting up for my local store owner, who did not have a DCI/RPGA number already. I wasn’t able to get her set up until the day before the deadline.

  3. The event finder also shows any places that have scheduled open RPGA events as well, depending on what check boxes you have selected.

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