GAMA Trade Show ’09, Hasbro down

April 20th, 2009: Allan Sugarbaker says...
GAMA Trade Show ’09, Hasbro down

While this year’s GAMA Trade Show may have been down in attendance by 18%, that’s still ahead of the prevailing trends – it was just announced that Hasbro’s 1st quarter profits are down 47%. The economy’s down, for certain – according to one casino dealer a friend spoke with, his casino had laid off one-quarter of all its dealers. Even when the weekend rolled around, Las Vegas restaurants and stores remained uncrowded (walking the strip, which is free, remained popular). So one can hardly blame the game industry for struggling a bit as well.

I’ve got a few recordings to finish formatting, and some other goodies from the show. I’ll have those up as soon as I can.



  1. Did they parse out how the sales/profits at WotC are doing? Or did they just release numbers for the whole company?

  2. Asylos says:

    How are the goodies coming? 🙂

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