GAMA Trade Show ’09 interviews, and the Gaming News Update

April 29th, 2009: Allan Sugarbaker says...
GAMA Trade Show ’09 interviews, and the Gaming News Update

We’ve had some delays here at OgreCave, largely due to a problem with the podcasts (and with finding enough time to fix it). However, it looks like our audio software glitch is identified and quarantined, so let’s move ahead with presenting not just some episodes, but a whole new podcast! OgreCave now presents the OgreCave Gaming News Update, a short (around 5 minutes) twice monthly podcast which gets straight to the news. Some of you will recognize the GNU as an evolution of how the OgreCave Audio Report starts, or from our initial experimental run on War Pig Radio. Well, now it’s official – get your dose of quick gaming news in podcast form right here. (Yes, we’ll have more Audio Report episodes up soon as well – more file rescuing is underway.)

You’ll find our initial run of shows listed as well, but right now I’ll just highlight the recordings from the GAMA Trade Show 2009 we finally managed to wrest from the jaws of malfunction. We’ve got five interviews from this year’s show, on a variety of subjects:

Have a listen, let us know what you think, and check back for more Gaming News Updates in the weeks and months ahead. We’ll keep you as informed as we can!


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