GAMA Trade Show ’09 interviews, and the Gaming News Update

We’ve had some delays here at OgreCave, largely due to a problem with the podcasts (and with finding enough time to fix it). However, it looks like our audio software glitch is identified and quarantined, so let’s move ahead with presenting not just some episodes, but a whole new podcast! OgreCave now presents the OgreCave Gaming News Update, a short (around 5 minutes) twice monthly podcast which gets straight to the news. Some of you will recognize the GNU as an evolution of how the OgreCave Audio Report starts, or from our initial experimental run on War Pig Radio. Well, now it’s official – get your dose of quick gaming news in podcast form right here. (Yes, we’ll have more Audio Report episodes up soon as well – more file rescuing is underway.)

You’ll find our initial run of shows listed as well, but right now I’ll just highlight the recordings from the GAMA Trade Show 2009 we finally managed to wrest from the jaws of malfunction. We’ve got five interviews from this year’s show, on a variety of subjects:

Have a listen, let us know what you think, and check back for more Gaming News Updates in the weeks and months ahead. We’ll keep you as informed as we can!


  1. Was there anything mentioned from Wizards of the Coast about their Star Wars Miniature line? Thanks in advance!

  2. I agree with Asylos – if you you get these into the same feed as the OgreCave Audio Report on iTunes that would help a lot!

    Also, was there an announcement about the episodes posted to War Pig Radio on the OgreCave RSS feed? I’ve been wondering what happened to you guys since there haven’t been any new Audio Report episodes since December.

    As always, keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing the new episodes whatever format they are in…

  3. As I mentioned above, “Yes, we’ll have more Audio Report episodes up soon as well – more file rescuing is underway.” The recordings of our last couple of shows have been in Audacity malfunction limbo, and we seem to have finally found a way to dig them out, but it takes a while.

    No, an announcement of the War Pig Radio shows didn’t go out – we were giving it a trial run, and providing some content for War Pig listeners while getting our name out there a bit. Now that we know we’ll be going ahead with it, we’re letting you all know, and we’ll keep you informed of any new plans.

    We’ll sort out iTunes shortly. Thanks!

  4. iTunes listing is up. Now stop leaving little unrelated posts complaining about it scattered all over the place like hamster turds. Thank you, drive through.

  5. Mark said:

    I deeply apologise for being interested.

    We know, and we appreciate it. We’re half-teasing (Hamster turds? What the?), but also kinda wishing we’d gone full speed ahead and set up an actual forum or something. That’d make asking us questions much easier, without derailing the potential for on-topic comments. I’m still on the fence about it, though – there’s so many forums out there already.

    No offense taken, Mark. Hopefully we haven’t offended you in return.

    But really, “hamster turds”? Where is your mind at today, Mike? Weirdness… We should totally record a show today. 🙂

  6. And it looks like it’ll take a fair part of the weekend for the show to finally start displaying on iTunes. So, soon, but not just yet, it seems.*sigh* The Gaming News Update will be up there eventually.

  7. Yeah and I was having a sh1te day yesterday guys… sometimes it’s better to just ignore me. Thanks for getting it up on iTunes and I’ll be listening.

  8. Just to clarify, will it be in the regular audio report feed, or under it’s own? The itunes store is a real slow pile of hamster turds for me, so knowing what to look under will be quite helpful.

  9. Once I’m able to get the Audio Report episodes flowing again, all will become clear (and I have the problem cornered, I just have to put in bit more time). But I’ll try to explain –

    There will be two feeds: the OgreCave Audio Report, and the OgreCave Gaming News Update. The GNU will sometimes appear as part of the OCAR show, but will probably be released more frequently.

    I’ll explain more: since we discuss recent news at the start of the Audio Report anyway, many episodes will have me doing the news near the beginning, all in one shot without discussion. That will get clipped out and become a Gaming News Update episode, while the Audio Report episodes will continue on to talk about the news, hit upon random topics, tell what we’re currently playing, and so on (as usual). However, there will be times that I’ll just record a GNU show without getting the whole crew together for an Audio Report episdoe, or we’ll drop some interviews into GNU episodes (as we did with GTS) and we’ll put them up more rapidly.

    So, to get all the news and discussion, listeners will need to follow both feeds. And now, it’s confirmed – both are showing up on iTunes. 🙂

  10. Listening through the episodes. Dang, wish I had known about the Level UP preo-order contest. I had it pre-ordered.

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