Free RPG Day still on track, despite website woes

Earlier today, a reader asked us what we knew of Free RPG Day 2009 – whether it was cancelled, or being changed to another date, or something else – since the Free RPG Day website has been down for a while now. So I called Aldo Ghiozzi at Impressions, and he assured me it’s just a problem with the new server the site has been moved to, and a slow process at the ISP. Free RPG Day 2009 is still on, the date is still June 20th, and you’ll still be able to get free goodies. Unless I get them first.


  1. Thanks Allan! I’ve got my fingers crossed that one of my local stores will actually participate so I don’t have to leave town for free stuff! I missed out last year, and my stores seem to be having doubts as to whether they’re doing it. 🙁

  2. Aldo, can you setup a blog with google and post some details?

    I’ve have some info gathered as links from news stories on other blogs and news sites like Ogre Cave, but it’d be handy to have something official to point people to for the interim.

  3. Great idea Dar. It’s hard convicing a store to sign up when they don’t know what to do. Or is it too late for them to join?

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