Car Wars for real, baby

It took long enough for someone to make a Car Wars-style tv show, but finally, at long last, the Discovery Channel is giving Weaponizers a trial run. Sure enough, this show has vehicles battle it out with everything from blades and fireworks to big ol’ machine guns, in true autodueling fashion (minus the living drivers, of course). Watch it, let them know you want more, and maybe they’ll get bigger guns mounted on those RVs.


  1. Crazy sounding show!

    Hey, you guys know anything about what’s happening with Free RPG Day? The site has been down for a while. (Sorry for the off topic, but I know you’ve had the organizer on the show before and I can’t find an email.)

  2. The trend towards “Running Man” entertainment has slogged on for many years. I hope they just keep their senses and don’t allow people to get hurt for ratings.

    That being said I can’t imagine I wouldn’t watch the pilot to see how this thing works. As well I wonder if Grant from Mythbusters has much to do with it. He was the first champion of the 90s robot gladiator show. “Battlebots” I believe?

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