Audio Report – Rumors of demise are highly exaggerated

Okay, mostly exaggerated. I’ve struggled to get this podcast recording functional for many moons (well, more like a couple moons). A few months and a hardware upgrade later, and we have, at long last, the DunDraCon ’09 episode of the OgreCave Audio Report. You’ll notice this episode takes the news bits we usually discuss at the beginning and formally makes them a distinct segment, which sounds suspiciously like our other podcast show, OgreCave’s Gaming News Update (because it is). We’ll still discuss the latest gaming news, don’t worry – but this show is mainly given over to interviews with Joseph Goodman and Aaron “Blackdirge” Rudel of Goodman Games, Steven Chenault of Troll Lord Games, Aldo Ghiozzi of Free RPG Day 2009, and various DunDraCon ’09 convention-goers. Have a listen, and deposit some comments if you like. We’ll have more for you soon.


  1. Not much to say, as it was older news. Enjoyed the interview with Joseph Goodman. He seems pretty cool. Glad to have some more audio report 🙂

  2. Joe’s a good guy – or “good man”, I suppose. Steve and Aaron are no slouches either.

    Yeah, a bit of a time capsule, that episode. Still, I didn’t want to abandon it due to the interviews and all. We’ll be more current with our episodes very soon.

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