Deadlands, Martians game details updated at Twilight Creations

I heard about this from Twilight Creations’ Todd Breitenstein at KublaCon ’09 last month, but this is the first visual evidence I’ve seen of it: Deadlands: The Battle for Slaughter Gulch, a licensed board game of the Weird West for 2-6 players. Due out around August ’09, the game will involve claiming ghost rock, shootouts at high noon, and the walking dead, of course. Part of me wonders how similar this will be to the old Doomtown CCG, which I enjoyed to an extent. The Twilight Creations site also has new images from Martians!!!, which is due out this month (or at least by Origins), so swing by and have a look at all the freshly-revealed goodness.


  1. I wonder if they are trying to beat Flying Frog to the punch. Flying Frog has a martians vs. carnies game coming out soon.

  2. Maybe so. For gamers, it may come down to which game system they’re familiar with.

    And in case anyone missed it, folks can hear more about Flying Frog’s upcoming plans in our podcast interview from GTS ’09, here.

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