FFG’s Warhammer Fantasy goes downloadable

In case you’ve been fruitlessly searching for the last few Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplements to finish your collection, Fantasy Flight Games just began making them available as PDF downloads. The first three books, the Core Rulebook, the Old World Bestiary, and Sigmar’s Heirs, are available on the DriveThruRPG and RPGNow websites as of today, with more to follow “every few weeks throughout the summer, with plans to have more than twenty books available for download”. While it’s good the books “are being updated to incorporate errata, and the PDFs are being generated in an easy-to-use format with handy chapter tabs and searchable text for greater utility”, my hope is for future print releases to include a code for a free electronic copy. It’s not a unique idea, and provides an easy way to add value. I’m just sayin’.

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