Free RPG Day ’09 is upon us

Time to get dressed and head out the door, ‘cuz today is Free RPG Day 2009. As you heard in our recent Gaming News Update interview on the subject, this year’s event has shaped up quite nicely – all that remains is to find a participating store and get yourself there. Let us know how the festivities go in your neck of the woods.

(Oh, and other companies often make special offers of free downloads and such today, so if you spot any, let us all know about those, too.)


  1. I was disappointed. The store I visited in Pennsylvania allocated what you got to take home via random die roll, so there was only a 2 in 14 chance of me getting the only 2 things I wanted, the Rogue Trader scenario, or the D&D Eberron scenario. I didn’t get either.

    Guess I shouldn’t complain when its free, but still.

  2. Of the three stores near me that were participating, two were very casual about it, letting gamers take whatever they wanted. The third store still hadn’t fully unpacked the Free RPG Day stuff, and was policing the freebies heavily.

    The first two stores had customers – not a lot, but they had them. The third store did not. Coincidence?

  3. RPGNow has a number of free downloads to console anyone that didn’t get out to the event today – or to add to the freebies you’ve already acquired.

  4. I had to go out of town to find a store. There were about 45 people there who had signed up for events running that day. They let the GMs pick an item, then the players in order of sign up, then anyone hanging around the store (like me). They went back through the list three times. Ended up getting almost one of everything by the end of the day (except dice and cds). I was shocked there was so much stuff left, but I think a lot of people came for one thing and didn’t bother going back in after that.

    Aldo, if you’re reading, great job!

    I find it interesting that of all the booklets I grabbed, White Wolf was the only one who didn’t put the Free RPG day logo on the book.

  5. I did make it to Free RPG Day. I almost got into a Paranoia game before I had to leave. Found out that a friend has started a Dragon Warriors campaign… gotta see if I can get into that.

    Thanks for Free RPG Day.

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