Big Things in Store for Midnight RPG Setting

The folks at Gamer Dome noticed recently that Fantasy Flight Games has pulled materials from its award-winning Midnight RPG series from its website. This probably has something to do with the upcoming U.S. DVD debut of the Midnight Chronicles, a film set in the dark world of the Midnight RPG setting. The Midnight Chronicles blog reported the release of the French version of the DVD on June 10, 2009. ICv2 reports that the U.S. version of the DVD will be available in September with an MSRP of $14.95.


  1. The DVD apparently comes with an exclusive adventure… which either comes in the form of a print booklet in the DVD case (seems unlikely to me), or as a PDF on the DVD itself. If the latter… why on earth would they be pulling all the online PDF content?

    I’m starting to wonder whether some players that are bigger than anyone in the tabletop industry aren’t just convinced that PDFs are evil somehow, and are making their destruction part of the terms of deals.

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