Origins 2009 follows reduced attendance trend

GAMA made this year’s official Origins attendance announcement earlier today, and the verdict is about what we expected. Though “over 10 thousand gaming enthusiasts” attended the convention, the overall attendee total was down by about 18% from 2008. You may recall GAMA gave a similar report for GTS ’09 – identical, in fact. Sales of day-pass tickets at Origins were up by nearly 16%, showing either that “more people were introduced to the hobby this year than ever before” (as GAMA insists), or more gamers are cutting convention costs down by making single-day, hit-and-fade operations. In any case, it will be interesting to see how Gen Con’s attendance compares this year.


  1. I think Gen Con will still be big. I think a lot of people who would normally make the trip to more than one are probably picking one to do this year and that’s it.

  2. Maybe but times are tough. Gas is up (again) and jobs and disposable income are at a premium.

    I’d pick Origins over GenCon any day but I’m also a board gamer and Origins trumps GenCon in that category hands down.

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