Vox now transmitting

Here’s something interesting: Vox, the newest offering from aethereal FORGE, was released earlier this week, and is described as “a story-driven, rules-light, PDQ-based Role-Playing Game about people who hear Voices in their heads.” Hmm. Reading on, you learn this:

“Each player in a Vox game controls a character who at some point will hear one or more Voices in his head; each of those Voices is controlled by one of the other players, or the GM. Exactly what these Voices represent must be discovered by the players during the course of the game.”

Not merely a scenario designed around voices in your head, but a whole game system? Sure enough, Vox provides guidelines for generating voice personalities, rules for role-playing them, and multiple settings from Victorian Era to futuristic in which to hear said voices. Designed by Michael Fiegel, designer of Ninja Burger and HELLAS: Worlds of Sun & Stone, Vox is now available in print or PDF form. The voices in my head say this might be worth checking out.

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