Gaming = gone?

For a while, was a go-to site for tabletop game news. After the site was purchased by F&W Media, Gaming Report became the online home of Scrye magazine. Ever since Scrye was cancelled back in April, there’s been speculation the languishing news site might be headed for the same fate. Today, the website no longer leads to the page, but to instead (also owned by F&W). A mistake, perhaps? Or the first steps toward being off the web?


  1. Just three years ago it was providing great coverage from GenCon. It is another sign that the industry is neither interested in, nor capable of supporting any kind of reporting of itself.

  2. Well Tabletop Gaming News aspires to cover the tabletop end of the hobby. We don’t cover board games (fully) or RPGs but we do cover miniatures and other tabletop games.

    We’ve also covered GenCon for the last two years but some complications, not related to the hobby, have not made that possible this year.

    Sad to hear about Gamingreport though. It has been around for a long time and it was a shame to see that it wasn’t allowed to grow.

  3. Normally a site just languishs, just sits there and its not updated. Funny that its just a dead site.

  4. I’m still getting new RSS feeds from Gaming Report but they just lead back to

  5. Just spoke with Joyce Greenholdt at F+W; this was something that was planned and it is essentially “for the duration,” i.e., if and when they decide to start up again with a separate website, they will.

    I do not know if Brent Frankenhoff has any plans to put together a separate section on CBGXtra to support GamingReport; the changeover happened the same week as Comic-Con International: San Diego, so the timing wasn’t the best. I guess he won’t be able to even deal with it until a week after the show or later, as I know they run a new issue of CBG the week right after Comic-Con.

    If you are interested in that possibility, I’d suggest getting a CBGXtra account and asking on the forums there… Brent will get to it I’m sure as soon as he has time (of which I know we had blessed little when I was workign there, and I know they have less now).

    Note: I am no longer associated with F+W, Scrye, GamingReport, CBG, or CBGXtra.

    As for gaming news sites… yeah, rather a tough biz these days. Do it for love and for the enjoyment of it; if you expect anything else out of it, you are going to be sorely disappointed. And that’s all I have to say about that…

  6. Jeez, that’s sad news. I used to stop in about once a month to see what was going on.

    If any ex-GamingReport folks are looking for a home, they can always come write for my tiny little site. We’ve never been to gencon and have covered just a few board games so we’ve got the space. 😉

  7. This isn’t fair. I was just getting into tabletop gaming and now all of this happens.

  8. As the former Reviews Editor and writer…

    I can say this, for a long time they wanted to sell us off, and were looking for buyers. I had been in less contact with GR & F&W since my father was diagnosed with acute leukemia… but they never called or email us about the closing.

    Many of the staff are looking for new places to write.

    Good Luck and Good Gaming;

    Marc Shayed
    Review Editor – former

  9. Mike, how do I submit news tips? I’m sorry to be slow, I’ve been searching your site and I can’t find how. [The news tip in question should be pretty obvious from my website…]

  10. Our contact info is on our staff page, at . For nearly any OgreCave inquiries, you can bug me, if so inclined.

    Allan “Sven” Sugarbaker
    sven (at) ogrecave (dot) com

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