A little 16-or-so-bit action for your table

If you poke around in the various print-and-play tags on BoardGameGeek, you can find some pretty interesting stuff. Take, for example, , a counter-based light wargame ripped, quite literally (if you decide that the digital sense of the word “rip” isn’t a metaphor anymore), from the world’s most popular turn-based wargame, Advance Wars for the Game Boy Advance. Free, illegal as hell, and full of counters that are full of numbers, this nevertheless looks polished and fun. (From my hours upon hours of AW experience, I can also tell you that most of those numbers are just there to track hit points by rotating the counter. I wonder how much of the GAH HARD reaction that people have to most wargames is due entirely to this one way to track HP.)


  1. Not to be a total geek, but Advance Wars rips-off Nectaris (Military Madness in the US) for the PC Engine (Turbografx -16). Great looking little print & play game, though. This makes me want to dust off my PC Engine and give the original game a go.

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