Campaign Coins seek big payoff

Gen Con always brings new game products into view that were obscure before, and this year’s no exception. I’m not sure what to think of Campaign Coins – metal coins of different sorts for your fantasy RPG campaign. The website’s still in progress, but there’s internet murmurs of a partnership or license with a major RPG company. Here’s the thing: my players are easily distracted already – would adding a pile of RPG money aid the roleplay experience, or cause my players to play Tiddly Winks with shiny objects instead of listening? What would you do?


  1. I’m a prop-nut when it comes to running my games… When I run my ‘Deadlands’ games, I’ve got minis, flip-mats, cardstock buildings, trees, a flickering lantern, western-inspired sodas (Sarsaparilla, Root Beer, etc.), background western music, etc. No one is distracted, in fact, it only seems to help hold the interest of some in my group. When I’m dealing with a situation that doesn’t necessarily involve everyone, those “left out” are looking at the props and getting ideas for combat maneuvers, for example (climb the tree or duck behind the barrels or go inside that house, etc.).

    I know that some people love to run games with books, character sheets and dice and that’s it. If that’s what suits your play style, go for it, but one of the reasons I was drawn to ‘Savage Worlds’ (in particular) is that it is a hybrid RPG/minis game and I LURV miniatures!!!

    Regarding these coins, however… They are certainly nifty props, but unlike the items I described above, what gaming role do they serve unless someone is playing a medieval banker??? Miniatures are essential for some games. Terrain can be equally as important. Shiny things (coins) may just sit there.

  2. Allan, these have been out for quite some time. I may have suggested them for a Christmas list item or Ogre’s Choice item at some point in the past. They are just a bit expensive, if memory serves. If they could get the price down, I think they’d be way cool.

  3. They have been out and you guys did recommend them for something or reviewed them.

    I thought the big scuttlebut was that they were making Pathfinder coins.

  4. They must not have registered in my memory – like, at all. They’ve resurfaced due to Pathfinder, yes.

    But I’m trying to figure out whether they’d add to the game experience or be horribly distracting. For my group in particular, I’d suspect the latter. If Paizo were to have some special coins made for the Pathfinder brand – um, that’s cool, I guess. I’m just struggling to find the usefulness.

  5. We use them in a 4th edition game a friend is running and our group seems to like them. Actually have coinage to spend seems to change the way characters spend their money too. Not as much getting the best room in the inn because the difference is only 2 gold per night. When you are dishing out actual coin that your character worked or fought for, it seems like we are thinking more about when we spend.

    Call it increased verisimilitude, or just being cheap.

    As for being distracting, It may have been a problem at first, but now we treat them pretty much like regular coins. They stay in the coin-purse til you want to buy something. Then it is kind of cool to count out the purchase.

    Just our experience, your mileage may vary.

    I also just bought some for a 3.5 game that I run. There I intend to use them as occasional treasure props too, which has not happened in the 4E game that I mentioned above. I am looking forward to the first time I award a bag of coin and the players have to count it out themselves.

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