1. Now I have heard a lot of geek love for Space Hulk, but does anyone here have any actual experience with the game? Is it worth the $100 price tag? Is this a game that I as a gamer should/must have?


  2. The board sections look similar, but not identical. The genestealer figures have some variety – three different figure models – which is a nice change.

    I still count the original Space Hulk as one of my all-time favorite skirmish-level miniatures games. It set the tone for many later games, striking the right balance between simplicity and detail while still being immersive. Depending on how this looks, I may have to pick up a copy.

  3. I’d like for them to update the rules a bit, but other than that it is a good game. Heck, if you tried to buy an old copy in Ebay, I expect you would pay a hell of alot more than 99 bucks.

  4. > Heck, if you tried to buy an old copy in Ebay, I expect you would pay a hell of alot more than 99 bucks.

    True dat. It doesn’t quite demand Talisman 2nd Edition prices, but Ebaying Space Hulk ain’t cheap.

  5. I think I’m in the minority in that I thought it was an okay game but my memories have been dulled by time. It’s been more than fifteen years since I played last. $100+ (when you factor in shipping) seems a bit much when I can get Descent and an expansion for the same price.

    I’ll pass on this and brace myself for kicking myself later when people start saying how awesome it is now.

  6. What I find amazing is that Space Hulk has probably been the most desired title from GW that gamers want to see reprinted and what do they do? Make it a limited edition run.

  7. Are the figs pre-painted, or the standard gray plastic? I enjoy painting, but those old space marine figs had a LOT of detailing on them…and my eyesite ain’t what it used to be!

  8. The figures are not pre-painted, no. The two sides will be made of different coloured plastic though, from the looks of things (red for marines, blue for genies). I’m not sure I like the genie figures. They look small, and I’m not fond of the built-in scenery at all. It is nice that there’s a bit more variety in the posing though.

  9. We sold through our allotment of 20 in 48 hours. It took us all by surprise, as we thought we would have some all the way through Christmas with that qty at that price. Now we are hoping to get another 10. I am not too fond of the fact that this is limited, but I get it. GW really needed to fill a hole in the release schedule this year with a sure-fire big win, to make their year to year numbers look good. Sounds like their plan may have worked.

  10. So they will be sold through brick and mortar stores as well? I may have to go and badger my FLGS for one then.

  11. One of my FLGS’s had a store copy. They didn’t have any for sale. The cardboard pieces are laminated and are in a punch out cardboard sheet. They were very thick cardboard.

    The miniatures were unassembled and unpainted on sprues and the genestealers were a different color from the marines.

    I really tried to convince the guy behind the counter to sell it to me… but no go. Are these already out in? Are they already sold out?


  12. We get our preview copy tomorrow. GW will sell this to independent retails. Their partnership store can have up to 20, their stockist level stores can have up to 10, and if there are any left, the rest of the retailers can buy some. The large distributors who carry GW (Alliance and ACD come to mind) will be the only other way for independent retailers to get copies of the game.

    The game Streets on 9/5. We are sold through our allocation, but I know some other local stores haven’t yet, so your millage may vary.

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