Live at PAX 2009: Munchkinless in Seattle

Okay, admittedly I haven’t searched that hard yet – I’m still getting the lay of the land around here at PAX 2009. But near as I can tell, Steve Jackson Games has decided to add challenge to an event here which I find oddly compelling: the PAX ’09 Photo Scavenger Hunt. The event combines the ease of digital cameras with the time sink of searching the entire show for random things to be in a picture with, and so, I approve (I like how the list is constructed partly just to mess with certain people – for example, “someone with a media badge”). The added Munchkin challenge? A photo with the Munchkin mascot is on the scavenger hunt list, and I haven’t seen the sneaky dungeon-looting rascal anywhere. I’ve heard reported sightings, yes, but haven’t laid eyes on him myself. I’ve seen plenty of folks playing Munchkin Quest and having a grand time of it, but haven’t seen the weapon-wielding maniac. Perhaps he’s just shy…

He’s around here somewhere. I’ll have to offer my thanks to the big lug and Paul at SJ Games for helping me sort something out. Yes, I owe the Munchkin mascot a favor – how the hell did this happen…?

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