PAX 2009: The Northwest really wants to kill you

It turns out that when you get 70,000 gamers together, a couple of them will be sick. It also seems Allan is a robot and therefore impervious to H1N1. Or else my car’s AC doesn’t work very much like an airplane’s.

If it seems like the PAX pox is the only news coming out of the show, that’s because it is – announcements on the digital front typically still happen at E3, and tabletop ones quite naturally happen at Gen Con. Now that I can once again move without groaning, however, I do want to point out some news that hasn’t gotten very big play and might change how some people feel about Arcane Legions.

This is a game that I’m pretty excited about, despite being demonstrably terrible at it and despite its mild but still vexing degree of collectibility. If random sorting is a deal stopper for you, consider these quanta: 1) boosters are sorted by faction, just like the fixed infantry and cavalry boxes. 2) Boosters are also being sold in “booster bundles” – sets of eight boosters that guarantee you one of everything in the faction. (This model was pioneered by our own Lee Valentine in PowerStorm, it should be pointed out.) A bundle isn’t exactly a cheap thrill, but it’s a way better deal than your average small-scale minis game.

Also their website is looking suave, although it still isn’t clear what the Centurion Club is or how to join it.

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  1. Swine flu? No wonder all four of my house mates were feeling so sickly! You’ve got to hydrate, folks, and throw in some vitamin C tablets once in a while. Oh, and go get buzzed with Matt Forbeck at a local bar – that seemed to help. 🙂

    Besides, I paid my dues at GTS a few years back, when I developed a sinus infection just a day before the long drive home. Now that was good times.

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