Evil dice approaching from Steve Jackson Games

November 14th, 2009: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Evil dice approaching from Steve Jackson Games

I was just commenting to a friend that I hadn’t seen any new dice games for a while, and suddenly Steve Jackson Games has added two dice games to its product release schedule next year. Zombie Dice invites 3-8 players to “Eat brains” and “Don’t get shotgunned” in an attempt to gather as many of the 13 custom victim dice as possible before the shotgun blasts stop them. Playable in 10-20 minutes, the game will include a custom dice cup and sell for $13.13 (not a typo). Cthulhu Dice uses a large custom 12-sided die with tentacles, Elder signs, Cthulhu and such, and pits 3-8 players against each other in a quick fight (10 minutes) to be the last sane cultist standing. Players can cause opponents to lose sanity, or even steal it from them, but Cthulhu damages everyone’s mind, and if no one is sane at the end, Cthulhu wins. Lose your sanity over and over for the low price of $4.99. Both games would’ve been welcome additions to our Screams from the Cave last month, but zombies and Cthulhu are a good time any season, and are due to release in March 2010.

Is “shotgunned” a word? It should be.


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