Taste the donut: FreeMarket RPG beta available

November 23rd, 2009: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Taste the donut: FreeMarket RPG beta available

There’s still some capacity in the “Colony Program,” a.k.a. beta-PDF giveaway, for FreeMarket, the transhumanist RPG by Luke Crane of Burning Wheel and Jared Sorenson of inSpectres, Action Castle and many others. The beta is capped at 1000 copies, just like the lavish print edition planned for next year.

Me, I think everyone who’s interested in the technology of roleplaying should have a look at this. It’s the first game I know of that truly reverses “kill them and take their stuff” – all the way into “no one can die and you want to give them all presents.” And yes, it makes that work, turning it into a tense, motivating, probably hilarious saga of social climbing and idealisms of all sorts. It’s the most developed, wide-ranging and at times gleefully evil take on the concept “all combat is social combat” that I’ve yet seen. I’m surprised it isn’t catching more hate from the usual Internet suspects, because it is a direct and vicious frontal assault on roleplaying’s indulgence of the Geek Social Fallacies.


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