Free Darkness to celebrate Read an E-Book Week

March 10th, 2010: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Free Darkness to celebrate Read an E-Book Week

Apparently, it’s Read an E-Book Week – certainly a trendy event, what with all the Kindles, Kindle-likes, and upcoming iPads pushing the book market that direction. In order to celebrate and promote the medium, DriveThruRPG and White Wolf Publishing have a free electronic offering for gamers. Those who stop by DriveThruRPG.com before the end of this Saturday, March 13, can download a free copy of the World of Darkness rulebook. Yes, the full, 200+ page core system book from a few years back is yours for the taking. But maybe you’ve already got a queue of electronic books you’re reading your way through – what’re you reading this week?


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