Spycraft Third Edition announced for 2011

Crafty Games, having just gone rogue from Mongoose’s Flaming Cobra imprint and moving to Studio2, is planning several new releases over the coming months. Primary among the company’s announced projects is Spycraft: Third Edition, due Spring 2011. According to Crafty Games’ Patrick Kapera, “Updating Spycraft gives us the chance not only to synchronize rules across all our core games but also lets us bring the focus of the Spycraft brand back to espionage.” The new edition will make use of the Mastercraft system, and allow for increased customization and gamemaster tools. See the full press release below for more details.

Crafty Games press release follows:

Crafty Games Announces Spycraft Third Edition

Omaha, NE, March 16, 2010 – Crafty Games today announces that its award-winning OGL action and intrigue game, Spycraft, will see a Third Edition, powered by the acclaimed Mastercraft system and with a renewed focus on espionage, in Spring 2011.

“We’ve been considering the merits of a new edition for some time and with the incredible success of Fantasy Craft and the Mastercraft system the pieces just came together,” said Patrick Kapera, Crafty Games partner. “Updating Spycraft gives us the chance not only to synchronize rules across all our core games but also lets us bring the focus of the Spycraft brand back to espionage. We can still stretch the genre with dedicated supplements and — with products like Ten Thousand Bullets — other compatible Mastercraft core books, and this really frees us up to dig into the Great Game in ways that we’ve never done before. This time around you can expect a lot more tradecraft and as much real world intelligence detail as we can manage (without getting our offices raided, of course).”

“Third Edition will be all about customization,” said Crafty Games partner Alex Flagg. “You’ll be able to build your own home office and your GM will be able to create criminal masterminds, henchmen, and minions of all stripes, and place them at the head of any type of organization he can imagine. Super-science will be adjustable as well, letting you run a game with everything from completely realistic gear to over-the-top gadgets bordering on magic. And of course the Mastercraft system lets you tweak the rules to support any flavor of play you want as well, though we’ll be expanding the rules for the heightened lethality so popular in recent spy thrillers.”

Crafty Games plans to release a final series of Spycraft 2.0 products through the summer, including the last of its Saturday Morning Spycraft PDFs and new fiction and adventures set in the World on Fire. The final Spycraft 2.0 product will be World on Fire: Born of Ashes, a definitive guide to the setting’s heroic factions along with the grand finale to the setting’s huge story arc and a new campaign for those setting their sights on the Alliance of Evil Geniuses.

Read the Crafty Games Spring 2010 State of the Company here.

Crafty Games, LLC was founded in 2005 by the creative team behind the popular Spycraft, Stargate SG-1, and Spycraft 2.0 roleplaying games, and offers an array of critically acclaimed products in print and PDF. Its reputation for high-quality, engaging games has earned nominations for multiple EN World (“ENnie”) fan awards and the prestigious Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. Crafty Games’ newest project, Fantasy Craft, is available now. Find out more at www.crafty-games.com

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