Accumulated things we should mention

Sleep is Death, a two-player game for PC and Mac in which one player acts like they’re playing a basic point-and-click RPG, and the other has 30 seconds per turn to arrange the world’s graphics around them to make it seem like they are. Yes, they get to prepare some of the graphics. Yes, this is as simple and completely awesome as it sounds. Stupid cheap, too.

Iconica, a gorgeous indie card game being sold on Etsy. The linked post is subtitled “Not Just Another Pretty Face,” but frankly doesn’t make much of a case for that; the game seems like it might be a little samey and tough to learn, and the world-building seems pretty generic. But oh, that design. I’m also interested in Etsy as a venue for sales of actual independent games, as opposed to just crafts based on video games.

Deathwatch, the third core Warhammer 40K roleplaying game, has been announced. I only bring it up because I keep seeing threads about it and thinking, “that’s a bit harsh, it seems like the system has plenty of support and I don’t know why anyone would think it was dyi– OH WAIT”


  1. Nice to see Iconica getting some press. Eric’s a great guy with some exciting ideas – I had the opportunity to meet him at RandomCon last year, buy the set (and book) and demo the game. We chatted about Iconica a bit on Episode 45 of 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction, and also on Episode 57 of The Game’s the Thing, where Eric and I were guests – both from summer of 2009

  2. Interesting mouse cliky game idea. I’ve often wanted a game that was like never winter nights for the players but more like the Warcraft rts for the DM. But with zooming so the DM could focus close up on the action if needed. Something with a nice ‘dock’ to grab premade stuff to drop in the game as the players went along.

    Oh, it’s about time for Deathwatch. Rogue Trader is cool and lots of people love Dark Heresy, but I and many others were holding our breath for this game.

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