OgreCave reviews – Memoir ’44 and Eastern Front

Memoir '44We’ve given new Cave dweller Daron the task of getting us up to speed on the near-legendary game line of Memoir ’44, and today he has delivered his first two reviews for our edification. To make sure everyone’s on the same page, Daron describes the Memoir ’44 main set first. Then he moves on to one of the game’s early expansions, Memoir ’44: Eastern Front, which brings the Russians barreling into your WWII scenarios like an irate bear. If you still haven’t discovered this board game foray into wargaming territory, read on, and prepare for battle.


  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else expect the link to the mfr website to be at the end (bottom) of the review? I just seem to want to read the review, then if interested, go to the manufacturer website. It feels unintuitive to scroll back up to the start to get the link.
    Either way, nice review and thanks for finding this game. I missed it until this review and will try to check it out now.

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