OgreCave reviews – Z-Man Games week: Magical Athlete

Heroes of GraxiaThis week, OgreCave’s aiming the spotlight (torch light? lantern?) at Z-Man Games, starting with Andy’s review of Magical Athlete. In this multi-round race game, players bid on racers, then run their selected athlete through a few highly competitive races around the track. Naturally, special abilities and magical effects will run rampant, and anyone could come from behind to win. Is this the next racing game you need to pick up? Read Andy’s review and find out if you should run out and get Magical Athlete.

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  1. I enjoyed this game throughly. It brings about the perfect simplicity of a old school game with the complexity of a roleplaying game. Large groups are the best for this game however which makes it a more “party” game then anything. Of course large familys will do well at having fun to. It’s basically understandable enough for younger people but complex enough for even adults to find enjoyment in the game.

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