OgreCave reviews – Zombiegeddon, Killer Thriller

ZombiegeddonThings have been busy lately, but the Cave dwellers haven’t forgotten what season this is. Therefore, it’s about time we review some fear-related games with this year’s Screams from the Cave. To start, Dennis gives us his take on Zombiegeddon from Twilight Creations. Designed by Reiner Knizia, this board game forces players to stock up supplies for the apocalypse, then fight for more once Z Day arrives. Since we want the scream-inducing games to reach blood-curdling volume, we’re also hitting you with Demian’s review of Killer Thriller, a brand-new roleplaying game from Timeout Diversions. This small PDF RPG embraces the Paranoia style of character mortality, so expect bloodshed – big time. Have a read through both reviews, and see if either one has you seeing blood red.

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