Hooray, Virtual Tabletop exists! We can go back to complaining about it!

It even looks like they took my extremely expensive advice – or more likely just rubbed a couple of brain cells together on their own – and made it a 2D product. This is not only better for PR because it doesn’t scream “video game” quite as loud, but actually a slight improvement over real tabletops when it comes to the kind of tactical thinking 4E demands. And based on the tech specs in the FAQ, it looks like it will run inside the web browser, although curiously enough it isn’t made with the same tech as the Character Builder and hence will not integrate with it (for the beta anyway).

Anyway, a pleasant surprise. Commence bitching about the lack of integrated voice and video chat. Because WotC should spend its resources rewriting Skype.


  1. Skype is likely superior to anything they can make anyway… No need to integrate something most gamers already have.

  2. The FAQ says it has integrated voice chat:

    “Q: Is the VT a web-based program, or downloadable? Can I use it offline?
    A: The VT is a web-based Java application with integrated voice chat. It requires a constant internet connection during use.”

    So, I will bitch about the bitching about the lack of integrated voice and video chat. ^_^

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how WotC’s approach compares to Infrno. As you brought up, is WotC really using it’s resources in the best way on this? Maybe it should just license the tools from Infrno and d20 Pro?

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