OgreCave reviews – Gamma World, Pressure Matrix

Gamma WorldIf you’re lucky, you’ve found time to take a look at some new games this season, and may have played a few as well. Cave dwellers Daron and Lee certainly have, resulting in two reviews of sci-fi future themed games. First, Daron has provided some thoughts on the new edition of Gamma World from Wizards of the Coast. In this iteration of the classic RPG, which is featured in this year’s OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide, new mutations are added through CCG booster packs. Then Lee gives us a detailed look at Pressure Matrix from Alderac Entertainment Group. Designed by Jonathan Leistiko, this board game puts players in a game show, racing around a grid to gain cash and block opponents. Have a look at these new product write-ups, or browse the OgreCave review index for many other helpful evaluations.


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