Arkham Horror and all its expansions for $13! In, um, travel size!

Well, okay: only if you have an iPhone. (And I bet it’s great on the iPad even in fat-bits mode.) It looks to be essentially possible to play the whole game with this “toolkit” if you wish: all the decks are in there, and while the screenshots don’t specifically show whether it tracks the position of multiple investigators on the map, all the maps are in there. It looks well done and professional, enough to make you wonder how much more it’d really need to be billed as a full-on digital version of the game. Has anyone played with it? Let us know.


  1. It’s a neat tool, but it’s certainly not the whole game.

    “All the decks” isn’t accurate. It’s location decks only. And the map doesn’t track much of anything, let alone multiple investigators.

    It’s a very nice product, and well worth the price for any AH fan, but it’s miles away from being an actual game experience.

  2. Wow, it’s been long enough since I’ve played that I forgot there were decks besides location decks. Sorry abt that.

    Hell, I’m just glad to finally hear about something from FFG’s news feed that isn’t a new bloody expansion deck or in-store tourney in Minnesota.

  3. The ability to condense even the location and other world decks into an electronic device is highly tempting, almost making me think about breaking my “no paid apps” rule.

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