NBC's Community takes D&D for a joyride

February 5th, 2011: Allan Sugarbaker says...
NBC's Community takes D&D for a joyride

If you haven’t experienced NBC’s Community, now’s the time to glue your eyes to some streaming video and meet the students of Greendale Community College. If you act soon (you’ve got a few weeks, don’t panic), you can drop by the NBC site and watch this week’s new episode, , wherein the show’s characters all take part some old school D&D. Don’t worry – knowing the characters is unnecessary. Just jump in and watch comedian Joel McHale as the wisecracking Jeff, and Chevy Chase as… well, a power-gaming cheater. It should be apparent how painfully amusing the episode’s D&D bashing will get from Troy’s quote early on: “Shouldn’t there be a board, or some pieces, or something to Jenga?” A great, hilarious episode for role-players and non-gamers alike (though possibly not for kids – fair warning).


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