OgreCave review – Small World: Be Not Afraid

February 4th, 2011: Allan Sugarbaker says...
OgreCave review – Small World: Be Not Afraid

Small World - BNALet’s resume the flow of new reviews on the Cave with Lee’s examination of Small World: Be Not Afraid…, the latest expansion for the popular conquest-and-decline board game, Small World. Days of Wonder wasn’t content to relax after getting an Origins Award nomination last year, so this set adds more races, special powers, and replayability. If you love to see waves of fantasy creatures as they crash over the countryside again and again, be sure to read Lee’s new review.



  1. The link in the post takes you to a 404. For some reason it’s showing as http://ogrecave.com/reviews/small_world_bna%20%20%20%20%20%(…and on and on). The link on the left side of the main page works though.

  2. Thanks, Scott. Lee pointed that out to me this morning, but I’d already left the house for the day, and my phone wasn’t giving me the functionality I needed to fix it while running around. Fixed now.

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