Sightings of April Foolishness

A few companies made up stuff today to amuse us, and in some cases, we hope it will become true. In case you avoided this day of World Wide Wackiness, here’s a few tidbits we’ve spotted:

  • Wizards of the Coast (or “Weems of the Coast”, in this case) put up details on D&D 5, entitled Dungeons & Warcraft. I quote the Emperor: “Your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!” There’s a page for the D&D 5 setting of Candy Land as well.
  • Paizo introduced the “mandatory” new Pathfinder PC race, Goblins. The upcoming Players Companion book Goblins of Purity promised “Two dozen goblin archetypes, including the Dog Hunter ranger, the Friendly Picklechucker rogue, and the Peaceful Beachcomber paladin.”
  • Steve Jackson Games announced plans for Blank Munchkin, the do-it-yourself card game.
  • ThinkGeek introduced the MineCraft-inspired USB Desktop Nether Portal to help us file our unwanted crap, and the PLAYMOBIL (TM) Apple Store Playset. Awesome.
  • Pinnacle has posted “10 New Edges with Sheen”, a set of Savage Worlds Edges that you totally need to use, including “Tiger Blood”, “Adonis DNA”, and “Duh, Winning!”
  • Speaking of Sheen, don’t forget your Weretiger blood. You’re welcome.

Got more fools to point out? Drop your links in the comments below.

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