Futurama Monopoly game in the works

May 3rd, 2011: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Futurama Monopoly game in the works

Futurama crewBecause they just can’t be stopped: USAopoly is planning yet another version of Monopoly that might appeal to gamers (despite it being, you know… Monopoly). This time, fans of Fry, Leela, and the beer-swilling robot Bender will be treated to Monopoly: Futurama Collector’s Edition. This vision from the world of tomorrow, featuring locations from New New York like Mom’s Robot Factory and the Planetary Express building, will be available for preorder on October 17th. For those who can hardly wait, you can already get involved by voting on a special limited edition game token each day through May 11th (“All glory to the Hypnotoad!”), and get previews of other game components over the coming weeks. Do I need another Monopoly set? Probably not. Will I order a copy of Monopoly: Futurama? (*sigh*) Yes. Yes, I will.

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