OgreCave – coming out of hibernation

So, you’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of… well, anything here for a bit. More of a bit than usual, that is. We’ve had multiple CaveDwellers going through major Real LifeTM events, both happy (congrats to Lee and Demian on their newborn babies!) and unhappy (working through divorce, myself). This last item has been the main issue impeding site progress. But rest assured, OgreCave has plans in the works, and you’ll be seeing more new reviews (Lee has managed a few lengthy reviews, for example, despite recently becoming a father), coverage of gaming events (PAX coverage will commence shortly – watch our Facebook page!), and our podcastery will resume. So to sum up: if you missed us, we’re sorry, and thanks, ‘cuz we’re not done; if you didn’t… well, we’ll show you why you should have.


  1. Glad to hear you’ll be back. Good luck everyone on their RL times. Lots of folk wish you all well! Thanks for everything.

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