OgreCave reviews: ScrumBrawl, D&D Shadow Plague

September 6th, 2011: Allan Sugarbaker says...
OgreCave reviews: ScrumBrawl, D&D Shadow Plague

ScrumBrawlTo welcome you back from the long weekend, we’ve posted two new reviews today. First, Dennis has taken a look at a new take on “fantasy sports” in the form of VicTim Games’ ScrumBrawl. This fast-paced arena sport board game pits fantasy beasts against each other in such a deadly game, the ball might even explode! Then Daron clues us in to the first graphic novel reviewed at the Cave, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Plague, Volume 1. Though the comic brings certain clichés back to the table, Daron still thought we should know what Shadow Plague has to offer. Have a look – we’ll have more reviews dished up shortly, so check back early and often.

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  1. Jason says:

    The Dungeons and Dragons comic has been one of my favorites from the last year. I keep telling people it reminds me of Firefly. Andrea’s art is stunning and very pleasing for the eyes.

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