OgreCave Interview: James Wallis on Alas Vegas

February 14th, 2013: Allan Sugarbaker says...
OgreCave Interview: James Wallis on Alas Vegas

Today OgreCave has a new interview with James Wallis for you, formerly of Hogshead Publishing. You know him and his games, like Once Upon a Time and The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and you’ve heard about the Diana Jones Awards he started. Wait, you say – didn’t he leave the game publishing business? Well, yes, but he’s back to Kickstart Alas Vegas, a new roleplaying game he’s designed. Just read the interview and all will become clear. Wait, you say – isn’t it Valentine’s Day? Yes. Don’t be weird about it.



  1. Feel free to hit James up with feedback on anything he’s said. He’ll drop by to answer questions and such.

  2. James Wallis says:

    In fact I am so eager to answer questions that I am here already.

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