War of Omens digital deck-building CCG entering arena

There are almost too many crowd-funded game projects to count these days, but one in particular requires your attention: War of Omens by Fifth Column Games. If you read through the game’s KickStarter page, you’ll learn that War of Omens is a fantasy-themed digital card game with deck-building aspects similar to titles like Dominion or Thunderstone. Sound good so far? Here’s a few words about the game from Fifth Column’s Art Director, Colin Adams (who you may have seen on our staff page):

I have spent about a year on it, and we are super excited to finally promote it. It is actually really fun to play – we play it at work all the time (when we should be working). OgreCave speaks to the type of people that like this type of game, which is a deckbuilder kind of like Dominion.

The game provides three levels of AI opponent to face off with, and also allows 1-on-1 play. With 30 days yet to go, War of Omens is almost halfway to its $30,000 goal. If you want to get in on a new, digital constructible card game that has excellent artwork and a passionate development team fine tuning the gameplay, this may be your omen to pledge now.

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