Dying Earth For Sale

Gamers can finally get their hands on an RPG based on the works of author Jack Vance now that Pelgrane Press has given us Dying Earth. Written by Robin Laws, John Snead and Peter Freeman, the game takes players to a ruined world of desperation and magic. From everything we’ve heard, and the little bit of Jack Vance’s novels I’ve read, this one will blow Dark Sun away. I never could get behind halfling cannibals.

April’s Rings Wargame Report
The latest report from Games Workshop on the upcoming Lord of the Rings wargame has been posted. Of note in the update is a general rundown of the starter set:

The game will be available as a boxed starter set containing the rules manual, 48 models, and scenic ruins. All the models in the starter set are plastic and separate components such as shields have been designed as plug-fits for easy assembly. The remainder of the model range is metal and is planned to include 5 boxed sets and 28 different blister pack assortments. In addition there will be a special paint set and the plastic models from the starter set will be available separately.

The game is being designed by Rick Priestley, who created both Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. However, GW is promising “a very different sort of game.” We shall see.

A Painted Holistic Fantasy
This summer, Holistic Design will bring us four fantasy miniatures sets, called Fantasy Encounters. The figures will be prepainted. You heard me. Each set will contain five fully painted, 28mm miniatures. To double your pleasure, each figure will be accompanied by three D20 System stat cards: high level, mid level and low level. Grab a set for yourself, and use them in good health.